Post-Wedding Gratitude

Most people don’t consider THANK YOU cards until after the big day. Technically, you have about a 3 months to send them out ( according to Emily Post). But, I’m here to tell you – it’s sooooo much better to consider them when ordering the rest of your wedding stationery before the big day. Having THANK YOU cards on hand when opening the gifts & envelopes you receive means you can write them as you open your gifts. I usually suggest one person write the cards while the other opens the gifts.

There are many benefits to this approach.

If you write your THANK YOU cards as you react to the gifts you receive from guests immediately following the wedding , you are more likely to express genuine gratitude in your tone on the cards.

Here are other benefits:

– Avoid procrastination. Yes – you have 3 months to send THANKS –  but take care if it sooner and you can simply focus on nesting and getting back to your new life together.

– In Love with your invitations? Why would you want your THANK YOU cards to reflect any other style? Tie everything together by ordering at the same time as your other stationery order.

– Timing is everything. For your guests, receiving a THANK YOU card within a few months of the wedding will be more impactful.

– Avoid Wedding Amnesia. Once the Wedding is over most people feel relief and a bit of Wedding planning amnesia. The sooner you write your cards, the easier it is to recall  guest’s involvement, presence or participation in your wedding.  Even if you have registry or most of your guests gave you a cheque, including these personal details makes your THANKS more meaningful.

– Easy Peasy! Envelope addressing is available. we can address your envelopes for you

– It’s snap. Writing THANK YOU cards while opening your gifts is much quicker than opening every present, logging your gifts to your guest names and then going back later and trying to recall something personal you can say to the guest who gave you the toaster, writing each one and mailing.

So our suggestion is:

Order THANK YOU cards before the wedding. Have them on hand when opening presents and write them on the spot. Get them pre-addressed.  And live Happily Ever After. 🙂