Aditi & Mick – Hyatt Regency, Morristown, New Jersey

February 28, 2014


Custom design affords endless possibilities – like our laser engraved wood invitations!  If anything in particular has inspired your event, bring it in and we’ll make it a part of the memory. We often sketch traditional motifs and symbols in stylistic ways that further add to the personalization of your design. One of our favorite examples to date is from Aditi & Mick’s summer 2010 wedding. The couple wanted to surprise their guests with an out of the box invitation, and chose to incorporate a wood engraved piece for their Reception insert. As the theme of the wedding was “Jodhaa-Akbar” (A sixteenth century love story), we used a modern interpretation of Mughal architecture as the common thread between different printed pieces, and incorporated a traditional doli motif at the bottom of the insert. Aditi and Mick both wanted to incorporate the words “Live, Love, Learn” into their stationery – a phrase that adorns Aditi’s as a tattoo. The guests of the happy couple absolutely loved the end result and attention to detail. The wedding was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Morristown, New Jersey – the first time this particular venue was hosting an Indian event!